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A Guide To Office Cleaning in Chelsea 27Mar 2015

It goes without saying that keeping your office in Chelsea neat and tidy is extremely beneficial for your business. A clean and orderly commercial space is visually appealing and comfortable for staff to work in, and it displays the high standards that you want your clients and customers to see. If it’s been a while since your office had a big spring clean then it might be time to get it back to mint condition. An office that is clean and free from clutter creates a healthy, happy and productive work environment - so have a look at these top tips for ensuring your office is immaculate.

Find the time
A busy place of business isn’t going to be the easiest place to organise a deep clean. Depending on how cluttered your office in Chelsea, SW10 is, you may be able to get the entire job done in the better portion of one day, or you might need to set aside a couple of days. Assess the scale of the mess in your office to gauge how much time you should dedicate to cleaning it. Make sure you set aside the time for carry out the office cleaning. You need to block off this time so that it goes smoothly and uninterrupted, so find a suitable set of days, and plan well in advance.

Get organised
Having piles of paperwork scattered throughout the office is unappealing to look at and can also prove to be a time wasting obstacle when you need to search for specific documents. Your office cleaning is the perfect time to banish these pointless piles once and for all. Go through loose paperwork and decide which sheets are necessary to keep. There are several ways to get these important documents neat and organised; you could label the files correctly and store them in organised filing cabinets, so they are organised and easy to find. Certain essential papers which need to be close to hand for immediate access can go into desktop trays and you could also consider scanning some of the documents and storing them on the office computers to save space. Everything that you can’t find a use for must go. You might need to be ruthless in your purging and may have a battle on your hands with the notorious office hoarder, but remember, if it’s been gathering dust on a desk for several months then it’s probably not too important.

Clean communal spaces
For hygiene and comfort purposes, communal areas in your office in the SW3 region should be kept sparkling clean. The office toilets should be cleaned daily, without fail, for the health and safety of employees and clients. Scrub the toilets, sinks, hand dryers and counters with disinfectant cleaning agents, to deodorise the bathroom cubicles, put fragrant rim blocks into the toilet bowls. Also remember to refill paper towel holders, toilet rolls and hand-wash dispensers and finally, mop the bathroom floors.

Another communal area of your office in Chelsea which sees a lot of traffic, and seriously needs to be kept clean is the break room. Food and drinks are often prepared, eaten and stored in the break room so it is an essential part of health and safety to keep this area dirt free, it is also beneficial for staff to have a tidy, pleasant space where they can relax and socialise. Keep the fridges sparkling clean, by making sure members of staff know that old, gone off food will be thrown out and the fridge will be disinfected and wiped clean weekly. At least once a week, wipe down tables, chairs, counter tops, sinks and shelves with an antibacterial spray at once and give the microwave a thorough cleaning to remove food spillages and grime.

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