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Cleaning Routine for your Bedroom in Chiswick 05Sep 2013

You might not think of it as one of busiest rooms in your house in Chiswick, but it’s easy for your bedroom to become cluttered or dirty if you aren’t in the habit of regularly cleaning. If you’re trying to keep your bedroom as clean as possible, then you might want to consider following a cleaning routine. If this is something you’re interested in doing then have a look at these hints and tips to get you into the habit.

1)    Keeping your carpets clean.

Sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough, especially if you live with pets or you have particularly thick carpeting in your bedroom in your home in Chiswick, W4. Use a broom to lift dirt from the fibres in your carpet, and for a more thorough clean consider investing in a steam cleaner to bust bacteria in your bedroom. If your budget won’t stretch to this then consider renting a steam cleaner regularly so you can keep your home looking great. If you have rugs in your bedroom they should be beaten regularly to stop dust and dirt from building up. If your rugs can be laundered then you should do this frequently so you aren’t adding to the bacteria in your home.

2)    Your bedside table.

Your bedside table is likely to build-up a lot of clutter. Make sure you keep only necessities next to your bed. A good thing to include in your cleaning routine is time to de-clutter your bedside table and sanitise it with disinfectant and a soft cloth. If your furniture is wooden then opt for a polish instead.

3)    Your dressing table.

Like your bedside table, your dressing table is going to accumulate clutter and dust. Clear it on a regular basis and wipe it down too. Make sure to remove and marks from your bedroom mirrors with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth too!

4)    Your wardrobe.

De-cluttering your wardrobe is important, but doesn’t need to be done on a weekly basis. However, if your wardrobe is always a bit of a mess then it might be time to upgrade to something bigger. If this isn’t a viable option then consider what alternative in-wardrobe storage solutions are available. Try using a scented sachet or drawer-filler in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

5)    Under the bed.

Under the bed is a great place for storing things like shoes, bedding or miscellaneous bits and bobs. It’s important to de-clutter and get rid of the things you don’t need. You should also vacuum under the bed regularly to ensure as dust-free and environment as possible.

6)    Moving furniture.

You should regularly move the furniture in your bedroom to clean behind and underneath it. Similarly, you’re going to want to dust behind your radiators and above your light fixtures and picture rails for a thorough clean.

7)    Your bed.

As much as you don’t want to think about it, your bed can harbour a lot of bacteria, as well as dead skin cells and bed bugs. To minimise the unsanitary conditions of your bed you should steam clean your mattress and duvet regularly. If you don’t have a steam cleaner then you should consider renting one in Chiswick, as it is by far the best method to remove bed bugs from your mattress. Your duvet should be cleaned semi-annually to ensure you’re sleeping soundly and sanitarily.

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