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How Often Should We Clean Our Homes in Westminster? 10Sep 2014

Having a lovely fresh and clean home is something that everyone in Westminster desires, but let’s face it, it isn’t going to clean itself and will require some regular maintaining, either by ourselves or perhaps a third party. Either way however you choose to clean, or whichever option you choose to use is not a major problem, just as long as it gets done and it gets done often.

So, what is a suitable plan of action to use when cleaning at home in Westminster, SW1 and how often should I apply it?

Well, for starters everybody is different so personal circumstances will play a major part in discovering what works best for you. For instances full households with larger families will probably require more maintaining because there are lots more bodies around, and the more bodies there is the more mess that is likely to generate. Also you have to consider pets, dogs and cats will certainly set their mark on a home and from time to time you may wish to tackle pet smells and dirty paw prints which are almost unavoidable on a regular basis. On the other hand an elderly person or couple or a single occupant may not need to do as much cleaning because there are less people living in the property. Only you will be able to establish what a suitable plan of action is when it comes to how often you should tackle the chores at home. Another factor to consider is who owns the property because landlords will usually make it part of the tenancy agreement that a tenant must take care of the upkeep of the rental property and this generally includes keeping the home clean. Failing to do this could mean that you lose your initial deposit which is never a position we would find ourselves in.

Most people would agree that although doing the cleaning at home can often feel like a chore, the satisfaction you get from completing the job afterwards, makes it all worthwhile. To keep a home in the W1 region nice and clean, it’s always better to clean it thoroughly at least once per week with daily maintenance in between. Depending on the circumstances we mentioned above this may have to be done more or less. Every once in a while, like every 3-6 months the home may require a spring clean as well as any general duties. Spring cleaning entails so much more than your every day to days jobs, this kind of clean may include upholstery cleaning, windows, ovens, tiles etc basically everything that you may not attend to very often. If this routine is applied regularly to homes they should remain clean and fresh.

When it comes to cleaning at home, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, even for those who are on a very tight budget, there are ways in which you keep your home clean and fresh on a budget. Cleaning products are optional when it comes to cleaning, you may prefer to buy them from a supermarket or you could make you own cleaning products. Things such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda are what most people have stocked away in there cupboards at home and all of these ingredients make ideal cleaners. To find out more about what you can use as cleaners, try looking online to discover what’s effective.

For those who do not have the time to clean, due to other commitments, you could always try using a cleaning agency in Westminster, just as long as your budget allows you to. Cleaning companies are not that expensive but having said that, not everybody could financially consider doing so. Unless you can afford to use a cleaning agency it’s probably better to do it yourself as it’s not worth getting into debt over. For those who can afford to hire them then it may be your best option, cleaning companies are very good at what they do and its one less thing to worry about it if your lifestyle is extremely busy.

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