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How To Keep Your Home Cinema in Hampstead Looking Brand New 15Jan 2014

A home cinema is a great thing to have in Hampstead. You can have a night in with your friends any time you want in comfort and all for free. If you’ve seen a public cinema however, you can see how messy they can get and how hard they are to clean. Your home cinema should be well maintained to make sure it is running well and doesn’t break out of nowhere. There are a number of things that are in a home cinema such as a TV (the bigger the better), a surround sound system, a movie player (this could even be a games console) and some very comfortable chairs. This can be a lot to clean and take care of but it’s pretty simple when you break it up.

Electricals: Cleaning electrical items in your home in in Hampstead, NW3 can be tricky business but it is very important as it stops any particles from damaging the equiptment. These items gather a lot of dust in no time at all and they are very difficult to clean as they can’t get wet without being damaged. For speakers, you should wipe down the surface with the appropriate cleaning solution for its material as the finish may be damaged if you use the wrong one. For the cone of the speaker, either compressed air or a vacuum with an upholstery cleaner attachment will be sufficient to get the dust out of it. For the DVD/Blu-ray player, you should be much more careful with. These devices collect a lot of dust and should be wiped down with a lint free cloth regularly. If there are things like finger prints that you wish to get rid of, you may damp the cloth ever so slightly to help lift the mark. For the inside of the player, you can use compressed air to remove any dust. Compressed air can be found at most electronic device stores and are fairly cheap too. Before you clean any cables, you should always unplug them first.  You should take very good care of disks you may own and wipe them before and after use with a lint free cloth. You can buy disk cleaning cloths that are slightly damp and work wonders on your disks.

Chairs: Chairs can get very sticky with all of the snacks that are brought into and consumed in the home cinema. Chairs can be cleaned like any other sofa. Regularly vacuum the chairs to remove any dust and stop any dirt build-up. You can then use an upholstery shampoo to thoroughly clean the fabric every few months depending on how often it is used. Then of course you will need to let the chairs air dry so they should be moved into a well-ventilated room or if the weather is nice, outside.

Floor: Just like the chairs, the floor of your home cinema in Hampstead can get very sticky which is much harder to clean off the floor than a chair. You should vacuum the floor regularly too pick up any crumbs and stop it getting too mucky in there. You can also use a carpet cleaner to spot clean any sticky patches or spills that have occurred. If you spot any spillages or stains on the carpet, you should clean them up very quickly so they don’t have a chance to set and stain. Purchasing or renting a steam cleaner could be very beneficial as you can use them on the carpet and the chairs as well as using it around the house. They are very good at removing anything sticky stuck to the fibres and they do it will minimal effort and without the use of any chemicals.

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