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How to Stop Moulting Season from Reupholstering Your Furniture in Barnet in Animal Fur 15Jul 2015

We all love our pets, they’re a member of the family to us and we would do anything for them. In return, they give us love, joy and constant entertainment. But they also give us a meltdown during moulting season (and often beyond) when furniture, carpets and your house in Barnet in general becomes coated in a thick layer of fur that is seemingly impossible to remove.
All pets are different, and there is no one way to clear all animal fur, but with these tips and tricks, you will find a way to have your house back to its usual self and remove the guilty look from your pet’s face.

The simple solution
For many animals, removal of fur is easier than you could ever imagine. Simply dampen the palm of your hand lightly, and wipe the area in a downward motion, the fur will ball up in your hand and can be removed with ease.

Other DIY methods
Rubber or latex gloves are an excellent tool for fur that is tougher to remove. Moisten the glove and scrub the area of your upholstery in Barnet, EN5 in a downward motion as before. Try a little fabric softener in a spray bottle if water is not effective enough.
Lint pick-up rollers are a trusted and proven method, and there is good reason for this. A lint roller will pick up the majority of animal fur and if regularly changed, can be the main solution for an animal fur problem.
Another tried and tested method in N2 is the vacuum cleaner, different vacuums have different levels of effectiveness with animal fur and on the other side, some animal fur is too stubborn to be beaten by a simple vacuum.

Creative Solutions
Pet owners are nothing if not imaginative, and there are creative methods that have been discovered that can be a great help.
Firstly try a clean sheet, the static of the sheet can remove all fur from furnishings. Apply the sheet directly to the problem area and the fur will attach and be removed. This can leave an unpleasant sheen on certain material so be sure to test on a discreet section first.
For hard floors such as your kitchen, a little while spent sliding around the area in athletic socks can remove a startling amount of animal fur, as well as cleaning your kitchen floor a little in the process.

The easiest way to deal with animal fur is to stop the problem before it becomes something that needs cleaning. There are a few ways to do this, a combination of these tricks is suggested.
Grooming your pet regularly can help you contain fur spillage, be sure to lay a sheet down first. Most animals love to be brushed so you will find that your pet does not kick up much of a fuss when you do this. Deshedding tools and regular bathing of your animal in EN5 can adds to the effectiveness of the method.
Hair-proofing your home is a lot easier than you would expect, and can become a part of your interior decorating. Placing rugs, sheets and throws that can be easily washed make the job of cleaning up animal fair substantially simpler.
Many anti-static materials are preferable when it comes to the removal of animal fur, hardwood furs are a great help. As far as furnishings, leather, pleather, canvas, ultrasuede and heavy duty cotton fabrics are all good choices of material that will not attach itself to animal fur.

There is no need to resent your pet for shedding, none of us would want to wear a fur coat through the summer months in Barnet, with this easy steps you can ensure that your pet is happy, you’re happy and your home is free of fur.

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