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Leave Rented Furniture Fresh And Clean When Moving Out in Battersea 04Feb 2014

When moving out of rented accommodation in Battersea it’s very important that you leave the property just as it was when you moved in, therefore if you have been using the furnishings that were included in the rental you must also leave these fresh and clean, ready for the new occupants. Most landlords will have a contract that includes all of the requirements that tenants need to abide by and this ensures any deposit which was paid at the start will get refunded in full, provided that tenants have met those requirements.

Cleaning a property before moving out of your rented property in Batterse, SW11 does not have to be difficult although depending on the current condition, it could be time consuming. If you have the time to do it, you could attend to this duty alone or you may wish to hire a cleaning service to come in and give the whole place a thorough clean instead.

Cleaning agencies are probably your safest option, if you are unsure about what standard of cleanliness is required because they will give the whole property a deep clean, including sofas and carpets. Once the domestic cleaners have been into the property you certainly notice what a huge difference it makes, the whole property will smell very fresh and carpets, flooring, sinks, bath tubs, sofas etc appear to look as good as new afterwards. Most people prefer to get the domestic contractors in because it saves you heaps of time and it’s also extremely unlikely that you could possibly gain the same results without the special equipment and detergents they use.

For those who are willing to don the marigolds and try a DIY clean, follow our top tips to help you along the way;

1)    Start room by room!
It’s always better to start a room at a time and to gradually work your way through the property. Start by de-cluttering and throwing out any rubbish, and then once the room is clear give it a good Hoover and dust to remove any loose debris that may be lying around.

2)    Pay attention to floor and walls!
Once the room is fairly clean and spacious have a look at the walls and flooring to see what condition they appear to be in. Once pictures and shelving have been removed from the walls, you may notice holes that need to be filled. Filled holes will then need a coat of paint otherwise it could look messy, if you are unsure about whether or not you have to do this, speak to your landlord first. Next have a look at the floor, laminate, vinyl, tile or wood may only need a little mop and polish whereas carpets could be in need of a clean. If you spot a stain on the carpet, this can be treated fairly easy with some simple foam cleaner but if the whole carpet is fairly dirty, you may need to consider hiring a carpet cleaner operating in the SW8 area to it for you.

3)    Don’t forget about windows!
Many people forget about the windows but the windows are extremely important to the appearance of the property, clean and sparkly windows can work wonders and are worth the effort. If you do not have time clean the windows, get a window cleaner to do it for you.

4)    Remove grease from kitchens!
This can be difficult but it needs to be done, make sure that kitchens and appliances in your rental in Battersea are free from any grease. Normal household products are effective but steam cleaning makes the job easier, if you do not own a steam cleaner you may be better of hiring the professional cleaners instead.

Once you have tackled the hard jobs, the rest is relatively easier!

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