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7 Smart Bathroom Cleaning Tricks 25Sep 2015

bathroom cleaning

There is a common misconception that just because the bathroom is a room that gets plenty of water on a daily basis it remains clean and sanitised. Unfortunately, this is never the case. Just like any other area of your home, you need to invest effort and time in cleaning the room, because it is absolutely necessary. 

It is important to know the specifics of the job and not waste time in ineffective backbreaking work. ‘Work smart, not hard’ as they say, and you will do well to follow this motto when it comes to bathroom cleaning. The following guide aims to provide you with effective practices and techniques that have proven useful time and time again. Why waste your time when you can be done with the job in a flash? Follow the above mentioned tips and you can have a bathroom worthy of admiration.

- Cleaning the shower - two common problems you have to deal with in the shower area are soap scum and hard water deposits. What you can do is pour some white vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it to the shower. Let it sit overnight and then rinse with water. If you have a tub in your bathroom, scrub it every now and then to keep it from accumulating spoils.

cleaning the bathtub

- Cleaning grout - grout can easily get stained and spoiled, but some straight bleach can easily fix the problem. Use grout brush on dirty areas. Because grout is porous, bacteria often lurk on its surface. That is why you should inspect this area of your bathroom often and identify any problems before they escalate. Also, during your bathroom cleaning routines, you should be on the lookout for cracks and holes in the grout, as that can lead to moisture penetrating the walls and you most certainly don’t want that.

Grout Cleaning

- Cleaning ceiling and tiles - you don’t need to buy commercial products for cleaning this part of your bathroom. Instead, you can mix your own all-purpose cleaner with water and vinegar. Thanks to it, cleaning the ceiling and tiles of your bathroom will not be a problem. A smart thing to do is to allow steam to build up inside your bathroom after spraying with your natural mix. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wipe all surfaces.

Cleaning Tiles

- Cleaning the toilet - cleaning the toilet is a task that you may want to avoid, but really shouldn’t. Brush the surfaces of the bowl with soda. Remember that you will see better results if you let the soda sit for 10 minutes before brushing. If that simple technique doesn’t help and spots can still be seen on the surface, you can also consider damp pumice stone. Thanks to its abrasive quality, spoils will be easily cleaned. The toilet brush should be sanitised often, because a great deal of germs and bacteria thrive among the bristles. Soak this tool in bleach and remember to clean the canister too.

Toilet Cleaning

- Cleaning the sink - an easy to mix natural cleaner can be used to sanitise your bathroom sink - vinegar and water makes a wonderful solution for sink cleaning. Disinfecting wipes work too, since they help remove bacteria and don’t just relocate it from one place to another. If a clogged drain is giving you trouble, you can use some baking soda and run down hot water for some powerful action.

Cleaning the Sink

- Cleaning towels - in case you didn’t know, towels encourage bacteria growth, since they remain moist most of the time. It doesn’t matter if you are using your towels extensively or not, you should sanitise them often. Run towels in the washing machine on a sanitising setting or bleach them - both methods work for an effective cleaning service.

Wash Towels

- Cleaning the vent fan - the ventilation fan of your bathroom needs some attention from time to time. If you haven’t opened it before, chances are when you do it will be covered in dust and hairs. Flip the circuit breaker, remove the cover and also any parts inside that you can unscrew and take out. Wipe all components with a clean cloth, and install the fan again.

Vent Fan Cleaning

Use these tips to expertly sanitise every part of your bathroom. Take your time and remember that effective cleaning has the power to transform your bathroom.

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