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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    Fantastic people to deal with, timely and efficient. Highly recommended.  
Ernest C.10/07/2024
    Our cleaner's service remains consistently exceptional.  
William H.20/06/2024
    As usual, top-notch cleaning service by Oven Cleaning Company. Very satisfied!  
    Delighted with CleaningOven and the speed of their cleaning services.  
T. Prichard31/05/2024
    I cannot express enough how thankful I am for your exceptional cleaning service, it has made a huge difference.  
K. Backshall17/05/2024
    The customer service at Cleaning Oven Cleaners is unmatched, the cleaners were always available and provided exceptional service every time I worked with them. Will definitely be returning for more.  
Phoebe P.11/04/2024
    With her keen intellect, she turns simple tasks into opportunities for creativity and innovation.  
Melvin W.21/03/2024
    My second experience with CleaningOven was even better than the first, which is a testament to their dedication to providing top-quality service.  
Sarah C.11/03/2024
    I wouldn't recommend anyone else for your cleaning needs - CleaningOvenCleaners's staff and services are unparalleled.  
Lisa Bridges01/03/2024
    This knowledgeable and approachable cleaning team went above and beyond my expectations - 10/10 would recommend!  
    Thanks to this cleaning company's outstanding service and treatment, I have peace of mind knowing my cleaning needs are in good hands.  
S. Wright04/02/2024
    Another successful end-of-tenancy clean with Oven Cleaning Company, resulting in a full refund of our deposit once again.  
Helen S.25/01/2024
    Full of poise when operating under time constraints.Surrounded by plentiful unwavering assurance as well as a wide range of expertise.Mostly appeared agreeable amongst people.Is good at using active hearing methods which recognized every aspect we wanted.  
    The cleaner has tackled my carpets twice now in my new house and I couldn't be happier with the results. Despite having two dogs that often make a mess, she leaves behind nothing but perfection and makes my floors look amazing.  
    Came on time, worked productively and gave us top-notch results -the rate they charged was totally worth it!  
Dean Rolls27/11/2023
    Superior services and rapid job performance, first-rate carpet cleaning job!  
A. Holland25/10/2023
    Moving from one apartment to another can be very stressful, especially when it comes to the cleaning process. Fortunately, the guys from CleaningOven made the whole process look easy. The cleaners were very responsive as well as efficient. I would recommend this company.   
    I spent a few weeks searching for a reliable company that offers a great office cleaning service. I was happy to find Cleaning Oven Cleaners. Their service is top-notch and highly recommended. I am looking forward to hiring you once again.   
    All I can say for your service is efficient and very professional. I've now used CleaningOven twice, and I am yet to be disappointed. Thanks to your skilful team.   
    Cleaners from CleaningOven arrived early today and carried out an outstanding rug cleaning process. As of now, my rug looks new and smells fresh. Thank you for your hard work.   
    Thank you all for your help and the support you gave me while I was moving out. Your end of tenancy cleaning service comes in handy. I will recommend them to anyone who is on the lookout for a cleaning service.   
     Cleaning Oven is a highly recommended company. The workers are efficient and operate within the stipulated time frame. Additionally, they are polite, friendly and professional. My carpet looks great, following their carpet cleaning process.   
     Cleaning Oven is the best cleaning company! The crew was super professional. Lots of love.   
    My wife and I both work, so we needed cleaners for our house. This cleaning company cover the area and does carpet cleaning as well. Got a special offer too. We are very satisfied.  
Marty Jenkins03/07/2019
    Used Cleaning Oven a few times now for a range of cleaning services and have no complaints. They are quick to respond, booking is easy, and the price is perfect for my limited budget.  
Muhammad I.10/06/2019
    The cleaners from Cleaning Oven Company couldn't have been more helpful. They really went above and beyond to ensure I was left totally satisfied with the level of service. I really was, I was delighted with everything that transpired. They cleaned my house from top to bottom and left it sparkling. They tackled all those problem areas with utmost ease. What's more they were kind and courteous too, just a pleasure to be around. Will use their services again.  
Melina M.18/04/2019
     CleaningOvenCleaners do our office cleaning every evening and our team are always impressed by how clean their desks are. Wouldn't use anyone else now.  
Leo Hilcox28/11/2018
    The professional cleaning services from CleaningOvenCleaners were just that - extremely professional. The service was worth every penny.  
Dan N.09/10/2018
    Top class service from Cleaning Oven, I highly recommend them to friends and family.  
Katia Beauchamp11/09/2018
    The cleaning team from Oven Cleaning Company gave us excellent results for the money spent. The workers were cheerful, and paid great attention to detail. No corners were cut, exceptional job. Best cleaning service!  
Jonathan Hardy17/08/2018
     Cleaning Oven is a cleaning company I can count on. I've used them many times and will continue to do so in the future.  
Adam K.27/02/2018
    The cleaners at Cleaning Oven Cleaners are really good at their jobs, my home always feels so much fresher and healthier after they've been and it's not even expensive.  
Kit Kimar22/01/2018
    It took ages for me to find a cleaning company that are flexible enough to fit around my ever changing schedule, but CleaningOvenCleaners were more than happy to accommodate me, and were still cheaper than anyone else I could find. It's a perfect service for people with busy, wonky schedules. I'd highly recommend.  
Liberty Finn13/12/2017
    What a cleaning company! I've used CleaningOvenCleaners a few times now, and only have positive things to say.  
Robert B.20/11/2017
    CleaningOven are a special company consisting of a special, terrific bunch of cleaners. They're special not just because of what they're able to achieve, but at the price at which they're available for hire. Booking their team really was a steal, but I'm certainly not complaining.  
Angie H.21/08/2017
    I use Cleaning Oven Cleaners very often. They've cleaned all rooms in my house and have even done some oven cleaning for me. Everything looks immaculate.  
Emily L.27/06/2017
    The highly professional staff at CleaningOven did a good job and I must rate them as a 5 star cleaning company. Aside from their quality workmanship, they also provide cleaning results at affordable costs.  
W. Jones01/06/2017
    Have booked the kitchen cleaning of Cleaning Oven for the second time this weekend. Excited.  
Stephen Holmes25/04/2017
    Fabulous cleaning experience! Oven Cleaning Company carried out the clean in no time and the result was fantastic!  
Howard G.10/03/2017
    This is the cleaning agency that offered me the lowest price in London! Will use CleaningOven again!  
     Cleaning Oven Cleaners offers the most cost-effective home cleaning service in London! I am astounded by their team and the results they deliver!  
    Cheap and reliable! Cleaning Oven Cleaners offers the best cleaning services locally!  
D. Emerson14/12/2016
    I have used many cleaning companies in the last few years but none of them was as good as Cleaning Oven!  
G. Watts10/11/2016
    When you have three growing kids racing around the rambling old house night and day, you've got your hands full. They actually swear they're careful and I think they try alright, but they are kids and they just can't slow down. Since I learned about Cleaning Oven Company and their cheap house cleaning services I've been calling them every three months or so and they sweep through the house faster than my kids. Thanks guys!  
Jessica M. 28/10/2016
    The two cleaning ladies Cleaning Oven Company sent to my home cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom in record time. I'm very grateful for their oven cleaning efforts in particular, as I utterly hate this chore. Keep up the good work!  
E. Carrington28/09/2016
    CleaningOven did my domestic cleaning yesterday and I'm still marvelling at the results. The effort was well worth it and the price was just right. They were punctual and efficient with the work and there is really nothing to complain about. Excellent services through and through, I will be recommending their help for sure.  
    When I moved out of my flat, I didn't want to spend time cleaning, but I didn't really have the money to book an expensive cleaning company either. I looked online and found Cleaning Oven Company. They gave me a full quote for my kitchen cleaning and it was much cheaper than I expected. After the job was done, they charged me what we agreed upon and there were no hidden fees. They are a great and reliable local company.  
Dominic C.15/03/2016
    I've always been told that I'm too fussy for my own good; I just say I know what I like! Cleaning Oven Company has been the first service I've hired in a long time where I can't think of a single possible improvement! I was quite specific with how I wanted some things to be cleaned, but they were happy to accommodate, and went over everything I had talked about with the utmost professionalism. All their visits have been completed very quickly, and everyone from the call centre workers to the cleaners themselves has had excellent customer service awareness. Thanks again everyone!  
Sebastian F.21/12/2015
    Everything about my experience with Oven Cleaning Company was absolutely brilliant. If you're looking for a professional cleaning service, but have only found packages that cost you an arm and a leg, then these guys are for you. I was so pleased by how lovely my kitchen looked after they'd given it a once over, and all my friends and family have been very impressed whenever they've come over. The cleaners are all very friendly, and get through their work quickly and thoroughly, without leaving any mucky spots like come other firms. Thanks everyone!  
Suzanne P.17/11/2015
    Kitchen cleaning is a job I hate, and it's one I never have time for. I decided to hire professional help this time around, and found out about Cleaning Oven Company online. I read some good reviews and decided to give them a try. The price of the service was within my budget, and the cleaners worked really hard to give me fantastic results. I couldn't be happier!  
Helen E.14/10/2015
    I don't know what I would have done without Cleaning Oven. They got my barbecue looking beautifully clean just in time for my party. I will definitely recommend them!  
    I'm always on the lookout for people who can make my life better and Cleaning Oven Cleaners are just that. I wanted an easier way of handling my cleaning and they took care of it. I hired them to clean my oven and they did that for me perfectly. I have never had a better looking oven and I have more free time. They do the work I don't want to do and do it well. A better life indeed.  
Trish West24/09/2015
    After a lot of nagging from my other half, I finally decided that it was time to give my kitchen a deep and thorough clean. There was far too much to do for me to even consider doing the work myself, so I called in the experts. The cleaners from CleaningOven really were brilliant. The service wasn't overpriced and it definitely proved to be value for money.  
    My daughter recently suggested that we get some help with cleaning by professionals. We invested a lot of money when we refurbished our house last year. So we wanted to make sure that we called in the best in the industry for kitchen cleaning. After much research I decided to hire Cleaning Oven Company for the task. I am so glad I made the decision to hire them. The team used eco-friendly products and within a span of a few hours my kitchen was looking as good as new! Thank you, team!  
Sean R.19/08/2015
    A fantastic oven cleaning company! I hire Cleaning Oven Cleaners on a regular basis to tackle my oven cleaning chores and they do a marvelous job! Some tasks are not worth you tackling them yourself, but when you have a great team like this one, there is no need to worry!  
Nana Rowsey07/08/2015
    I had never used a cleaning company before so I was hesitant to call CleaningOvenCleaners. I didn't know if they could help or I wanted but they assured me they were there for me. I had a couple of cleaners arrive a few days later and they did a terrific job. I am astounded at the work they did. My oven looks great all thanks to them. Next time I need some help, I will call them without hesitation.  
Richard Ford31/07/2015
    I work nights and have a regular clean in my kitchen by cleaners from Oven Cleaning Company. They always come at a time that suits me and that can change according to which shift I'm on. They always charge a great price too. I would recommend them very highly.  
John Stevens 14/07/2015
    I was moving out of my rental place and didn't have the time to get it back to some sort of order in the kitchen. I was busy with work so I hired CleaningOven. They were fabulous and did a super job throughout. They used some great tools to get rid of the dirt. The service was delivered fast and effectively. My landlord was pleased and I was refunded my deposit. Well done!  
Victor L.03/07/2015
     CleaningOvenCleaners are located close to my house. I encountered a serious problem when I decided to clean my kitchen after the tenants had moved out. I tried everything but some of the stains just wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried. This cleaning company provides professional cleaning services. I liked the result after they finished their work - they have managed to lift up my spirit. I can now rent it out once again.  
S. Grant23/06/2015
    Working full time at a busy call centre, I have to drive from my house all the way to the centre where I work and then back. I have no time to clean my cooker during the week and sometimes it gets really dirty. I really need a professional cleaning agency to help me keep my kitchen clean. I normally call CleaningOvenCleaners. They provide great services. I am glad I decided to hire this agency and I recommend them to all of you out there.  
Adrian Hardy16/06/2015
    When I was in hospital having our first baby, my husband arranged for CleaningOven to do a thorough kitchen clean in our house ready for when we both arrived home. When I got back to our house with our new baby I was so delighted to see it sparklingly clean, I can't tell you how relieved I was! It's scary enough having your first baby without having to worry about cleaning the kitchen up! My husband said they were amazingly cheap too. I would recommend this company to anyone in the area. They did such a brilliant job and so quickly too!  
Pamela B.10/06/2015
    After months of neglecting my cleaning, my house had become a right tip. It was messier than I could live with and more than I could handle. Needing backup, I called up Cleaning Oven. They were able to give me the support I needed from the moment I called. I hired some of their oven cleaners to assist me and within a few hours, my oven was looking spotless. I couldn't have done all the work without their top team who brought the best equipment to do everything I needed. I'll try to keep my oven clean, but if I fail, I will hire them again.  
Charlotte Mitchell26/05/2015
    I was very impressed with the oven cleaning services Oven Cleaning Company offered. They provided an extensive service so that I could get the support I needed. They sent cleaners to my house when it was convenient for me. The service was excellent and I will definitely hire them again.  
Ian Cornell 15/05/2015
    I have 20 properties in town and have contracted Cleaning Oven to undertake the oven cleaning across all the apartments and cottages. Their team is not only reliable but also extremely skilled and efficient. Your excellent service has saved me the cost of replacing the ovens entirely. I would highly recommend the oven cleaning services of this company.  
T. Smith07/05/2015
    My family wants to thank CleaningOvenCleaners for keeping our oven clean and tidy for the past two years. We will now be renewing the contract for another two years. The other tenants with whom we share the house are also happy with the cleaning work done by your company. There is nothing better than cooking into a clean and tidy oven.  
Mark S.01/05/2015
     Cleaning Oven Company has turned my oven into a new one! After such a thorough cleaning job, I would highly recommend hiring these professional cleaners to take care of your oven. Some people have even considered hiring them for their oven cleaning on a regular basis. Other local services would have not done the job that well, I believe. It was definitely worth having a good look around to find such an experienced agency. I was very satisfied with the results! Thank you!  
Ryan 24/04/2015
    My sister's wedding was coming up, and with the amount of planning and prep work it took, everything was left manic in the house! I was so tired that cleaning was the last thing on my mind! Fortunately, a friend referred me to a reliable oven cleaning company called CleaningOven and I have never looked back! For any occasion, they are the first people I turn to.  
    I love my cleaner! She is so sweet and friendly! She's always come through for me. CleaningOven provide some incredible oven cleaners that always know how to handle a sticky situation and leave your oven tip-top and immaculate!  
    My friend and I just moved into a share house which was really excited. The place was pretty clean but we wanted to get started on the right note. So we hired Cleaning Oven to give it a professional oven clean because I knew it is one of the places in one kitchen that collects most dirt and grease. It felt great spending the first night at our new home, dining a meal, cooked in a sparklingly clean oven. Now we've just got to unpack everything!  
Ella G.24/03/2015
    I love my home, but I don't love cleaning the kitchen at all and most particular the oven. But I know it does need to be clean for a healthy life. So I chose to hire a regular cleaner from Cleaning Oven to come in two or three times a week and tidy the oven for me. Thank goodness she has the cleaning skills I don't.  
Victoria H.19/03/2015
    My oven was becoming really greasy and I knew it needed to be cleaned properly. My colleague recommended Cleaning Oven for oven cleaning and I would definitely recommend them as well. The cleaner who came was very professional and worked very efficiently to a high standard. Thank you!  
Christie F.09/03/2015
    Unfortunately, I don't always have time to clean the whole house as the most difficult part of it appears to be the kitchen and particular the oven. So I make the most of the oven cleaning services from Cleaning Oven Cleaners that are super professional and really know what they do.  
Steven S.27/02/2015
    I was in need of a thorough oven clean for my home. I hired Cleaning Oven and they did a fantastic job. The cleaners worked out fast and thorough. The service was excellent and the price was fair. The oven looks amazing, it is so clean. I will use this service more often now.  
Angie Simmons23/02/2015
    I wanted my rental property cleaning after the recent tenant left a mess and in the worst condition was the kitchen of course. I hired CleaningOven and they did a speedy oven cleaning service. A team of cleaners didn't stop until it was spotless. The oven looked immaculate and smelt so fresh I was so pleased with the service and cost.  
Diane Nichols09/02/2015
    I was in need of a professional oven cleaning service as I hated the chore. I called up a new firm called Cleaning Oven Company and booked a service. I was very impressed with how efficient the specialists were. The staff arrived promptly, with tools and detergents and started work. The oven was in a terrible state and it took a while but the results were amazing. The oven and hob looked fantastic when the cleaners had completed their work.  
Bethany Richardson29/01/2015
    I was very happy with the oven cleaning service I used recently. As a working mum I was fed up of the housework so decided to splash out on a home clean. Cleaning Oven Company had cleaned my mum's oven, so I chose to use them as they made a great job. I was very pleased with the result they were fantastic.  
Vickie Snyder23/01/2015
    If you are looking for good house cleaning professionals, you couldn't have picked a better company. I have been a regular customer at Cleaning Oven Company for seven years and my regular cleaner, Martha, is a delight to work with. She is very sweet and friendly and does a thorough job. Her work is so good that my house remains clean even two weeks after cleaning day. I would highly recommend you to use this company not only for their great cleaning service but also for their wonderful staff.  
    Being a working mum with three kids leaves very little time for me to keep the house clean long enough before my kids make it dirty again. When my friend suggested using CleaningOvenCleaners's services, I was apprehensive about the costs but decided to give it a try anyway. When they were finished with my oven, I was never so glad to have called them! Now I use their oven cleaning services regularly so that I get to spend more time with my kids and no longer have to worry about the state of the kitchen.  
    I was so pleased with my recent oven cleaning service I hired. Cleaning Oven Company did a fantastic service and my oven looked amazing when the cleaners had finished. The workers used eco friendly methods to deep clean it so I was relieved there would be no harmful toxins or chemicals left behind. The outcome was wonderful the oven looks so clean and smells so fresh now. If your oven looks dirty and greasy get it cleaned now, they will look like new after the service.  
Meredith Reed24/11/2014
    We have been using Cleaning Oven Company for a good while now and they visit our house every week. These skilled oven cleaners do a great job every single time and they cost much less than many of their competitors in the area. We are really happy with their work and we often recommend them to local people who need similar cleaning work done.  
Robert H.09/10/2014
    When I moved to the city I was really surprised to learn that you can hire professional cleaners for singular tasks like oven cleaning! This was really good news because I bake a lot but with my job and the family I don't really have time to deep clean the kitchen as often as I would like. Cleaning Oven Company offers a great oven cleaning service and the pricing is just right as well. If you're looking for a team for niche tasks, or even larger projects, I fully endorse this company. I've never had it easier running the house and enjoying my hobbies.  
K. Sanders19/09/2014
    I was searching for some professional helping hand to clean my oven. I browsed the internet and looked at companies in the area and came across Cleaning Oven Company, who had high ratings so called and sorted a booking. I was overwhelmed at the quality of their work. The cleaners did a terrific job on the whole oven. The price rate was excellent value, too. I will definitely use these again soon.  
Porsha Wild24/07/2014
    I live in my own house and although it's just me in there it can get very messy and dirty sometimes. I don't really have the time to clean my oven but I hate cooking in dirty oven! I wanted to find a cleaning company and decided on Cleaning Oven Company after reading some good reviews and I am more than happy with my experience. My oven was cleaned really quickly and professionally and my cleaner was polite and unobtrusive. This is a great service if you have your own home and even if you live with other people this is a great solution to your oven cleaning problems!   
Ian Thomas08/07/2014
    I needed a cleaning company to thoroughly clean my oven. A mate suggested an oven cleaning company he had used and was pleased with. Cleaning Oven Company were great to deal with. We arranged a date for the cleaning to suit my busy schedule. The team arrived with plenty of equipment and began the cleaning process. The work took a while as there was a lot of grease to clear out. But, when the team had finished the oven looked clean and tidy ready for me to cook in it with pleasure.  
Michael Frazier12/06/2014
    I wanted to surprise my elderly parents who were away travelling with a cleaning service on their house that was getting too much for them. I already used Cleaning Oven Company regularly and I knew my Mum was desperate to have her oven cleaned professionally, but Dad was reluctant to spend on this type of service! I arranged a complete overall of their home, cleaning everything in detail and with care. The cleaners were great and really did work hard getting the house back into shape. It looked brilliant when they had completed it. My Mum and Dad were ecstatic, on their return, and have decided now to have this cleaning service done more frequently.  
Nicola P.26/05/2014
    Cleaning companies always seemed like an unnecessary expense in my mind. If you can clean your oven, then why wouldn't you? I know many people that use Cleaning Oven Company and decided to give them a go, based on so many recommendations. They were of course excellent, and I can't believe I had never tried them out before! If you ever need an oven cleaning company to get your place looking perfect, then try these guys on for size, they really are the best, from price to cleaning service, I really can't fault them one bit!  
Edgar Webb29/04/2014
    This is definitely the perfect oven cleaning service for me. I don't want an unprofessional amateur that I'm not sure I can trust or rely on, but at the same time I didn't want to hand over my money to a faceless corporation that probably keeps most of the profit and pays their cleaners peanuts or over-professionalizing the work. The atmosphere and culture of the Cleaning Oven Company business was just right, local friendly people but with a professional approach and most importantly, great job satisfaction and positive relationships between the team. Very good oven cleaning service, immaculately clean and good value for money.  
Lauren Randall08/04/2014
    If you're looking for someone to help you with the cleaning, then my story might be a good example. I was finding it harder and harder to stay on top of those little cleaning chores in my home like oven cleaning, despite the fact that it's not very big. A combination of work and a busy social life left me with no time at all to focus on it. That's when I turned to Cleaning Oven Company. Since hiring them, I've found that my oven is clean all of the time and I have extra hours to spend. And the price is great, too.  
Gregory Robinson19/03/2014
    There are a thousand reasons that I can think of as to why you should be hiring Cleaning Oven Company but the main one is the word that everyone looks for; value. I find the team to be extremely efficient and quick at their work, which of course means that they only need a short amount of time to get the oven cleaned. What is more, the prices are so low that I never feel like I am being overcharged, which is perfect! I seriously recommend that everyone reading this give them a go, as they are particularly excellent value for money!  
Guy Hunt05/03/2014
    Working with Cleaning Oven Company to provide my oven clean was a great idea. I needed a company that was reliable and affordable. The staff at the company were able to really accommodate my needs by working at a time that was best for my schedule. The oven is now perfectly clean like new. Being in a clean environment helps make the day more productive. I couldn't be happier with the service I get from Cleaning Oven Company and I would recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable and friendly oven cleaning service.  
Jonathan A.18/02/2014
    You know how ovens collect dirt and grease all over them with every use? You might not notice it the first or the second time , but I certainly began to notice it a few months ago, and once I started to notice it a bit it get really distracting! So I popped online and found a number for Cleaning Oven Company who promised 100% satisfaction from their oven cleaning service. They weren't lying! I was massively satisfied, my oven looked like new again! A friend even asked me if I had bought new; they were shocked when I told them!  
M. Enderly 30/01/2014
    How did I cope without the help of professional oven cleaners before?! When I got promoted at work I often found myself working 60-hour-weeks, and my house was really suffering because of it. I searched around for a cheap and reliable oven cleaning company and kept hearing a lot about Cleaning Oven Company. I gave them a call and explained what I was looking for and they sent me a really friendly and experienced cleaner. She got straight to work and my oven is really seeing the benefit! I can't get enough of this oven cleaning company and I'll never look for another oven cleaning service again!  
    This is honestly one of the most fantastic oven cleaning companies I've ever come across. From the very first time I opened my door for my new cleaner I knew I'd made the right decision. I've hired lots of professional oven cleaners in the past but I've never been as impressed as I am with Cleaning Oven Company. These oven cleaners are all really friendly and professional. They really know what they're doing and I can honestly say that my oven is now always spotlessly clean. I tell everyone about this service because I just can't stress how great it is if you want a cleaner oven!  
    So there is a lot to be said for a clean oven. I always really struggled to keep mine clean. So when I got a promotion I decided to splash out (although it turned out to be less expensive than I thought) on a weekly oven cleaner courtesy of Cleaning Oven Company. What a decision that was, they are so accommodating of my needs and my cleaner is lovely. She does a superb job each and every week and is very responsive to any additional requests I have. This honestly will change your life!  
Fran Chester28/11/2013
    I needed an oven cleaner, as my last company was not up to the standards that I have come to expect. Cleaning Oven Company seemed nice enough on the phone, but I was really surprised by how amazing they were on the job itself. I get them in every three days in order to keep the oven looking sharp and tidy. They are extremely efficient and work very quickly, which means that their hourly rate is not a massive strain on company funds! The oven now looks ready for cooking at all times, so I am happy to carry on using it.  
Hannah Harris18/11/2013
    I'm pretty busy throughout the week, and often find myself traveling at the weekends, simply because of my job, so I got a bit sick of coming home to a dirty flat when I returned from trips. The obvious thing to do was get an oven cleaner in for a regular job. Talking to Cleaning Oven Company on the phone, I realized that these guys were very trustworthy indeed, and was happy to use them. Now my oven is fresh at all times!  
Matthew Pitteway08/11/2013
    Since I went back to work, trying to find the time for house work has been a nightmare. A good friend of mine suggested that I give Cleaning Oven Company a call. He'd been using them on and off for a number of years and he swears by them, wouldn't use anyone else. And he was right. They come, they clean and then I'm left with a wonderfully tidy oven which is a pleasure to cook in, all while charging me a very low price. It's really allowed me to dedicate myself to my work and not have to worry about finding the time to clean my oven, knowing that Cleaning Oven Company will handle it.  
Anna Beasley24/10/2013
    These guys, Cleaning Oven Company, they've been a savior. I've just started a new job. The hours are the same, but the stresses are so much worse. My flat was going to hell and it was driving me mad. Cleaning Oven Company came round and within hours I was so much happier. Work has been a breeze since, knowing that when I get home it's just not going to be a tip. But better than that, these guys have made my kitchen into a palace, just the nicest place to be by cleaning my oven, making it looking like a new one. Thank you, guys!  
B. Shaw14/10/2013
    I want to give a big thank you to the people of Cleaning Oven Company for all the help they have given me. It is very important that I keep my home clean because my elderly mother lives here. I need things sanitary and every item in its place so that she will be okay and their hard work has ensured this. Their team left no aspect of the oven undone so that every part of it looked fantastic and it is safe to cook in. Things have never been as good for my mother and me so I want to thank team again for doing this.  
G. Banner03/10/2013
    Keeping a home clean when managing kids is a full time job isn't easy and that is why I always turn to carpet cleaners for help. I call them because I know that they will send an oven cleaner to swiftly handle everything and make my oven look great again. I don't have to lift a finger because they are experts who know what they are doing and professionals who dedicate themselves to the task at hand.  
Steven Bridges23/09/2013
    My children are always making a mess. They get food everywhere, spill their drinks, knock things out of place and so on. They take up all my time, so cleaning my home often is abandoned and things can get bad. I called CleaningOven because they could help me out. They did just that, by sending someone over whenever I needed them to tackle my oven cleaning chores. I know I can always rely on them.  
L. Dietrich13/09/2013
    My husband has always been devoted to keeping out home clean. He would spend hours a day making sure the oven was free of grease, neither can expand as much energy as we would like on doing it. Wanting to maintain our neat oven, we called Cleaning Oven so that they could send an cleaner to us. Every week as we have someone come to the house and do the oven cleaning we wish we could do, but now it is done much better than we ever could.  
Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford03/09/2013
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