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Make Your Fridge Look Good as New with the Best in Fridge Cleaning Services

Cleaning Oven is a specialist fridge cleaning company, providing professional fridge cleaning services in London. With a business pedigree that spans many years, we have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive services to our customers, and revitalising fridges and freezers in the process. We have successfully completed innumerable fridge cleaning jobs over the course of our career, and are equipped with the experience and expertise to handle almost any fridge cleaning project!

No matter what the fridge is, or the nature of the stains that currently tarnish it, we’re confident we’ll be able to make it look and feel brand new! Don’t fall into the trap of simply purchasing new fridge whenever they look a little rough around the edges – save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds by recruiting us and our professional cleaning services. Call us today on 020 8610 9009 – we’ll determine exactly what you need, and how much it’ll cost, and provide you with a quotation totally free of charge!

Fridge Cleaning Company

Fridges are often the aspects of a home, or office, which accumulate stains and imperfections, and generally accumulate dirt, the quickest. This is because they’re frequently ‘in-use’ and are positioned in areas which makes damaging them – if only minimally – an easy and frequent event. Proper professional cleansing will keep your fridge look sparklingly new, and will extend their lifespan. Regimented cleaning operations at structured intervals will ensure you don’t need to pay for repairs or buy new fridge outright!

Professional Fridge Cleaning

We really are a one-stop-shop for professional fridge cleaning services, and we offer our services to both domestic and commercial clients. We can work on a continuing contracted basis, or you can simply hire us for a one-off – although chances are, after the first time, you’ll keep coming back for more! We have one of the best records for customer retention of any fridge cleaning company in London.


Whenever and wherever possible, we will dispatch a representative of our fridge cleaning team to your premises prior to the job commencing, to gauge the environment they will be working in and get as full an understanding of your needs and requirements as possible. This helps us tailor our service specifically to your needs, and lets us know exactly which fridge cleansing products and equipment you will need. We also insist on using the finest cleaning chemicals and products, and industry-leading cleaning accessories and technology in every job we complete. Combined with our peerless experience and knowledge of fridge cleaning, we can offer a sure-fire recipe for removing any blemish and stain. Our fridge cleaning services, much like our kitchen cleaning services, are designed to protect the items being cleaned, eradicate creases and stains, and deep-clean to ensure all invisible flaws (such as dust, microbes and bacteria) are removed.

Domestic and Commercial Fridge Cleaning

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and on the way to completion we always seek client feedback to ensure we’re doing our job to your expectations and standards. Our fridge maintenance team won’t leave your premises before they’re certain you’re happy, and believe their job to be finished; our internal policies require our fridge cleaners to ask our customers to ring our offices and confirm that they are fully satisfied.

Put simply, if you’re in possession of any kind of fridge that’s in need of a clean, please get in touch with Cleaning Oven. We are easily contactable via 020 8610 9009. Our friendly, helpful staff will be delighted to hear from you, and answer any questions you have about our company, our fridge cleaning services, or any of our other professional cleaning services!

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