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Terms and Conditions

The following stipulations laid out present the mandatory obligations and all legal responsibilities of any party, involved. The terms and conditions are liable to change sans previous notice to any party.

1) Introduction

Ensure that all terms and conditions are accurate and are of agreeable nature prior to making a commitment to the contract enclosed.

2) Appointment Bookings and Confirmations

2.1 At time of booking, provision of an accurate and detailed description of your property, will be requested. Cleaning Oven reserves any legal right to make amendments on the quotation provided to you, (the client) based upon any extra unforeseen work needing to be carried out.

2.2 If any incorrect, incomprehensible or otherwise false information is provided, your booking is liable to be cancelled immediately or an extra charge placed on it.

2.3 Property access and availability. You must ensure that we are able to gain rightful access to your property.

(a) Should our cleaners find they are unable to gain access to the property, you are subject to a minimum of £50 charge.

2.4 Credit or Debit cards details are required in order to secure a booking.

(a) Please note that there will be an additional 2% card charge when using a Credit card to secure a booking.

2.5 When the job is confirmed, a slot is reserved provisionally. The time designated for the job is merely an approximation and is not an accurate indication of the actual time when the job will be carried out. Please not that we do not have control over situations and circumstances such as bad weather, traffic as well as major natural disasters.

2.6 All parking arrangements are to be carried out by the client. Cleaning Oven is not liable or responsible for any parking fees, fines or charges.

3) Payment and Rates

3.1 All services provided by Cleaning Oven are to be paid in full by cash or card, at the beginning of the job. We regretfully announce that we do not accept cheques as a form of payment.

3.2 All our rates are based on the minimum charge of the service to be provided.
(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of 48 GBP including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of 128 GBP including VAT

3.3 We are liable to add additional charges such as the Congestion Charge of £11.50 as well as any other charges if the job is to be carried outside the M25 Ring.

4) Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

4.1 Any cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the job will be subject to a minimum charge of £50 without any further notice.

4.2 We reserve the legal right to charge a minimum of £25 should a job prior booked is requested to be rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to the job.

5) Services

5.1 We request our service team have access to sufficient lighting as well as running hot water at the premises. In any unforeseen instance where the health and well-being of any of our service team is threatened, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the appointment.

5.2 We possess the right to sub-contract any or all of the services you book with our company.

5.3 We require that you or a representative of your choice signs our documents, accepting the work we have carried out is sufficient to your standards. Failure to do so will automatically deem your approval without any further notice.

6) Liabilities

6.1 Cleaning Oven will not be held responsible for the following:

(a) Wear or discolouring of any surface becoming visible once dirt and dust have been removed

(b) Spillage or damage that cannot be removed completely

(c) Damage to wooden floors that had not been adequately protected.

(d) Incomplete service due to third party interference

(e) Curtain shrinking due to steam cleaning by our staff.

Cleaning Oven strives to deal with any issues in regards to our services. Any complaints filed 7 working days after the job has been completed, will not be dealt with.

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