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An Easy Guide to Upholstery Cleaning in Kennington 03Jun 2015

Keeping your upholstery in Kennington clean is part of keeping your office and house clean. Yet upholstery cleaning might seem a difficult task to handle. Hiring a cleaning agency to clean upholstery is expensive and can take a heavy toll on your finances. Yet, a little care and proper guidelines can help save money and keep your upholstery clean.

1.    The first step is understanding upholstery tags. These tags are guidelines for cleaning upholstery in SE11 and are easy to find.
The most common codes are ‘W’, ‘S’, ‘WS’, ‘SW’ and ‘X’. 

  • The code ‘W’ stands for water and means that water based products can be used for cleaning.

  • ‘S’ means Solvent and indicates that only water free products like dry cleaning solvents can be used.

  • WS or SW means that both water based and water free products can be used. However, such products are best left to professional cleaners.

  • X is the most challenging tag on any upholstery. It means that neither water based nor water free solvents can be used.

2.    Always do a patch test to check the cleaning products for shrinkage and colourfastness.

3.    Alternatively, make your own eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaner.

Homemade Fabric Upholstery Cleaner
Mix 1 cup of warm water with ¼ measure of dishwashing soap. Beat the liquid with an electric blender in a mixing bowl, till thick foam is formed.

Homemade Leather Upholstery Cleaner
Add a few drops of moisturising soap to a damp washcloth. Next, gently wipe the soap solution from the upholstery with another damp washcloth. Buff with a dry wash cloth before moving on to the next area.

4 Easy Steps to Cleaning Upholstery at Home in Kennington, SE1
Follow these easy steps to save money and do away with the services of professional agencies.
1.    Remove all furniture cushions and vacuum surface with a vacuum attachment.
2.    Use a soft-bristled brush to rub the foam cleaner onto the fabric.
3.    Remove the foam with a spatula.
4.    Wipe away the remaining soap suds with a clean, damp cloth and let it dry completely.

Important Tips to Remember when Cleaning Upholstery at Home
Cleaning upholstery at home is a challenge that can be easily met in SE11 if you remember these important tips.

  • Avail of professional help for upholstery with missing tags.

  • Avoid the use of too much water as it can leave stains and also cause the fabric to shrink.

  • Keep cleaning solutions away from wood and wood accents to avoid damaging them.

  • Keep cleaning solutions away from metal parts like recliner levers to avoid rust formation.

  • Clean upholstery every 18 months and extend its lifespan.

  • Vacuum furniture every 2 weeks.

  • Clean stains immediately and do not let them dry.

  • Use washcloth or paper towels to blot wet stains. Do not rub as rubbing can cause damage to the fabric.

  • Clean stains on fabrics from outside towards the inside. This will prevent the stain from spreading outside.

  • In case of solid food spills, scoop up the solids using a spatula. Then clean the spot with a stain remover.

  • Use a separate cleaner for leather upholstery. Do not use fabric cleaners for leather upholstery.

  • Always clean upholstery in a well ventilated area.

  • Professional cleaning services may be required under the explicitly stated warranty terms. Avoid cleaning furniture under warranty.

It is, however, advisable to hire cleaning contractors to remove stains on hard to clean furniture in Kennington that may require special tools. Keep a lookout for great deals that are occasionally offered by agencies for house or office cleaning services.

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