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Clean Your Kitchen In Knightsbridge In Half An Hour 05Nov 2014

The part of house cleaning that most people in Knightsbridge detest the most is the kitchen. This is probably because there is so much to do in this area and none of which can be skipped or done using a shortcut. This does not have to be case if you follow good cleaning habits as you use the kitchen. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce the time you spend in cleaning the kitchen.

Habits to follow
•    Do not let leftovers or expired food wallow in the fridge. Buy only what you need and throw away food that has spoiled.
•    If your cupboards are organized, always keep things back where you took them from.
•    Keep a list in the kitchen of stuff that needs to be restocked and remember to do so at the end of every week when doing the shopping in Knightsbridge, SW1.
•    Pour some warm water in water bottles or flasks and leave them over night to clear any smell or odd growth.
•    Wipe away spills as soon as they happen. Do not let them settle and form stains on the kitchen surfaces.
•    If you do not intend to use the disposable containers and condiments from take-away meals, throw them away or dispose them in recycling.
•    If you have a period of waiting while you are cooking, use this time to wash the used utensils that have accumulated in the sink.
•    If on certain washing nights you find that you do not have enough to put in the dishwasher, include the stove supports, burner covers, small shelves or containers that need to be cleaned.
•    When you last use the kitchen for the day, wipe away any water in and near the sink area and faucets. This will prevent scale formations.

How to organize a kitchen cleaning under thirty minutes?
1.    Before you begin, pour some baking soda and vinegar solution in your sink and let it sit for some time. Meanwhile, you could clean the rest of the kitchen.
2.    Remove the things that you keep in certain areas of the kitchen such as the shelves and counter tops and dust the surfaces.
3.    Before you put the things back, wipe them down with a damp cloth.
4.    Run a piece of rag dipped in vinegar solution along the length of the kitchen walls to get rid of any food spatter.
5.    If you do not have time for thorough oven cleaning, use a commercial oven cleaner to wipe down the insides of the oven and clean the glass and outside surfaces. Leave the oven door open so that the smell can be aired out.
6.    Clean out crumbs and stains from the toaster, waffle iron, microwave and other appliances in your kitchen in the SW3 area. This might be time consuming, depending on how many appliances you have.
7.    Wipe down washed utensils and clean out the dish tray. Organize your cutlery, pots and pans and other utensils as you put them away.
8.    Use a grime removing cleaner to wipe down the stove.
9.    Sweep the floor of your kitchen, reaching into corners and underneath cabinets to collect dust and food particles. Mop the floor using a nice-smelling anti-bacterial cleaner and then dry the surface with a sponge. Of course, the way you clean the floor will depend on what kind of flooring you have in the kitchen.
10.    Put the rubbish in the dustbin and take the trash out.
11.    Lastly, scrub the sink with a damp rag and rinse it with water.

Considering that your kitchen floor does not take extensive cleaning and that you have a moderate number of appliances in your kitchen in Knightsbridge, this entire cleaning service should take around twenty to thirty minutes, depending on how fast you work.

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