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Clear Your Office Space in Shoreditch With These Office Cleaning Tips 13Mar 2015

A clean and clear office space in Shoreditch can make you more alert; it can make you work harder and more efficiently in order to make the best out of your working day. Since you’re likely to be spending most of the day in your office, it is well worth making it into a place that you can utilise to the max. So try out these simple, quick and effective cleaning techniques, and get your office  space looking like a professional place of business that you can be proud to call your own.

1.    Put all your paper documents into files.
Filing things as and when you get them will avoid the build-up of clutter on your desk and will enable you to utilise the rest of your office space in Shoreditch, E2 more effectively. So get a filing cabinet for your office and put it somewhere that’s easy to reach so you won’t be tempted to keep stacking piles upon piles of paper on your desk.

2.    No one wants to start the working day hidden behind mounds of paperwork, so don’t be afraid to chuck away what you no longer need.
Get rid of anything in your office that you no longer have any use for. For those official documents, file them away or put them into storage, freeing up some space in your office.

3.    Make electronic copies of everything that you can.
Wherever possible, you should make electronic copies of all your paper documents. Scan your documents onto your computer and then shred them, so that you don’t risk having any confidentiality issues in the future.

4.    Clean all your electronic equipment carefully.
Whether it is dust, spillages, stains or crumbs of food lodged in between your keyboard, your office electronics will need a regular clean. Don’t be tempted to use products and cleaners that you’d normally use on other types of furniture, because this could have disastrous consequences on the functionality of your office equipment.  Wiping your keyboard or computer with water or polish spray is possibly the worst thing that you could do. Instead, get your hands on some wipes, made specifically for electronic equipment. These shouldn’t be too hard to find and should be relatively cheap to purchase if you decide to bulk buy and get a few packs. Use these to wipe down all your electronic equipment, preferably every day so that you avoid getting any build-up of germs and other nasty surprises as you go about your work.

5.    Tackle hard floor cleaning the right way.
Don’t just clean your desk area but neglect to clean your floors. Clear as much as you can from your floor space and give it a good old vacuum clean, perfect for all your hard floors and for carpet cleaning.

6.    Call up a cleaning agency.
Most office buildings do employ cleaning companies in Shoreditch to take care of the appearance of their work spaces; whether they employ a cleaning company to take care of communal areas alone or the entire office block, including individual offices, is another thing, so make sure that you know how your company works. If you own an individual office space that’s not part of your company’s office block, then it’ll be up to you to take care of all the cleaning, unless you get some professional cleaners in to do the work for you. Hiring the cleaning services of a professional, well established company will give you one less thing to worry about, meaning that you can concentrate on your daily business activities without having to deal with the stresses of working in a messy workplace. 

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