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Getting Stains out of Carpets in Camden 15May 2014

One of the most common victims of staining aside from clothing will be the carpet in your home in Camden. Whilst you can wipe hard surfaces down easily enough, you will find that the carpet will retain stains extremely effectively, as the fibers trap whatever is dropped on it, especially sticky liquids with strong pigment content that can stain the fibers themselves. The main thing that you need to be sure of when dealing with any stain, is that you are tackling it immediately, and that you know how your carpet can be treated, so that you can apply the right technique to the right stain. There are thousands of different substances that can stain your carpet, and many of them have individual, specialized ways of getting them out, so it can be difficult to know exactly the best method of getting your carpet looking its best. However, a rough guide to an array of different substance types should be of help, at least in giving you a ball park idea as to how to go about tackling the stain.

There are two types of stain: wet stains, and sticky stains. Wet stains need to be kept wet, and soaked up until the area is safe to clean, whereas sticky stains may need to be frozen or dried in order to peel the substance off. The most common type of stain for carpets in Camden, NW1 is a wet one, so be sure to have the following things in mind so that you can tackle the stain quickly.

You should immerse the area in water, to ensure that the stain does not set in to the carpet fibers. The fact is that once the fibers have dried, the stain will be almost impossible to budge without specialist help. You will find however that you want to soak up the staining element, or the pigment in the stain. So, if you arrive at the scene of the staining early, you can start dabbing at the stain with a clean cloth, to begin to extract the stain effectively. You will find that the stain comes off on to the cloth, to you will need to keep rinsing the cloth. Putting down salt or baking soda will allow for a wide spread of soaking, as these compounds will take on moisture quite happily. The soaking up of the stain will dry out the area however, so keep applying small amounts of water to the area, to keep the stain solvent. Once you have dabbed out the majority of the pigment, then you will need to use a cleaning method that is appropriate for the stain. If you carpet in your home in Camden or the N1 area can handle it, then a little bleach, may do the trick, otherwise regular detergent will often do, with a decent amount of scrubbing. You will find also that laundry soap works nicely, as does lemon, vinegar and yet more baking soda.

With sticky stains that will not dab out, you should scrape as much off of the surface with a knife as possible. With chewing gum, apply salt to dry it out, and then ice cubes in a bag to freeze it. If you freeze the stuff effectively, then you should be able to peel or flake out the stain, as it will become hardened in to clumps. With chocolate and tar, the system is the same, though it may not dry or freeze to such a tough consistency, so be careful as to how you go in terms of removing the whole thing!

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