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How to Choose the Best Cleaning Company 19 February 2015

Sometimes you know that when it comes to certain types of cleaning then it’s time to call in the professionals. Weather it is end of tenancy cleaning, an emergency, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning, it’s a job that is just too time consuming to you and you need the extra help. Or it could be that you have decided you have the budget to hire a regular cleaner and you want to take that one extra hassle out of your life. Whatever the reason, this is a guide to finding the best cleaning company for you at the best value.

-    Look around. Search your local area and see what’s out there. Call each company to get a quote and find out who is offering the cheapest services. If you have friends in or near the area, then ask their advice if they have used a local company before or heard of anyone who has.
-    Check to see if other customers come back. Find out if the company has regular clients or a testimonial page. You know if people are using them and coming back, then they must be doing something right. Look online for reviews that might be out there to give you an idea on the service you might receive from them.
-    Find out if they handle special requests. Check to see if they handle emergencies and if someone can come in short notice, make sure they supply the service you are looking to have done. You may want a particular sofa cleaning expert or floor cleaner. Maybe you want a move out clean or office cleaning so you need them to provided deep cleaning or a commercial clean.
-    Don’t be afraid to ask for references, a lot of people like to hire cleaners by word of mouth and a reference is the next best thing. If they are a reliable, professional cleaning agency then they should have no problems providing you with sufficient references.
-    Check to see how they screen their employees. See how easily they hire their staff, do they get a proper screening? Do they have the right experience? Don’t forget this is someone you are letting into your home and you might even leave them alone, so you want to rest assure that you can trust them and feel comfortable with them being there.
-    What is your budget? Make a plan before and see how much you can afford to pay. A good service won’t come cheaply so be prepared if you need a big job done. It’s definitely worth shopping around to get the right price but be careful if you think it’s a really good deal, maybe there is a catch or the quality of service may be low. Remember, you get what you pay for.
-    Agree on a price. Before they send a cleaner to your door, make sure you create a plan and stick to it. You don’t want them switching the price when they get there so be completely honest about the level of work there is to do and any extras you might want done. If you are having a deep clean then make sure their deep cleaning service covers all the things you are expecting it too. Mention all the little details like oven cleaning if you want that done, don’t just leave in on general cleaning as they might not do a good job.
-    Get whatever you can in writing or try to record the conversation if you can so you know they will get all the jobs done at no extra cost.

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