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How To Hire A Carpet Cleaning Company In Croydon 16Apr 2015

Carpets usually look lush and shiny when we first have them laid in our houses! You may, over the years, have come across your carpet in your home in Croydon looking less than beautiful. You're wondering what to do after one of your guests spilt their glass of red wine into your gorgeous cream carpet. You've done all you could to clean up but the stain is just not shifting. You know that the only resolution to this is to hire a cleaning company in the CR0 area to help you get rid of the stain and give your carpet a good clean! However, if you have never hired cleaners before, you may be wondering how to go about it? Do you call them? What do you say? How much do they cost? How does it all work?

Below are a few handy tips for hiring a carpet cleaning company in Croydon the right way:

•    Establish what type of carpet you have. It's very easy to think all types of carpets are the same; however, the better you can describe it to the person over the phone the easier it will be to obtain a correct quote. If it is a rug that you need cleaned, let the company know that it is rug cleaning that you are after.

•    Have your budget prepared in advance. Before you hire a cleaning company in the CR2 region, it is imperative to know that you have the money to hire the company. There is nothing worse than looking at a company and nearly booking them, only to find out you ran short of cash. Always shop around and look for the best deals when it comes to hiring a company. You could have hired a company in a haste, only to find out that there was one a lot cheaper. Best to be safe and in the black, than to be sorry and in the red!

•    Ask your friends and family for recommendations. That is the best way to get a carpet cleaning company that does the best work – through referrals. Failing that, the next step is to turn to the internet to secure a company. Most legitimate and properly registered companies have a portfolio of work they have done before, explaining the whole process.

•    Always look to hire a cleaning company that is locally based in the Croydon area. You save on transportation costs as well as extra rates to either have them come out to you, or have your stuff cleaned at their place. You most likely will know the area and feel comfortable in it as well.

•    When the company gives you a quote for their cleaning services, make sure that it is inclusive of VAT. There is no bigger nightmare than to find a sticker shock of an extra 20% of rates stuck on because they didn't declare that the quote was not including VAT. Always ask beforehand, if it includes the tax. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

•    Endeavour to find out if the company accepts payment in cash, or they are happy to accept credit/debit cards. Most companies are happy to accept payments via card, so it's best to ask in the beginning. Also, find out if they want upfront payment or they prefer you pay after the work is complete.

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