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How to Make Your Bathroom Look As Good As New 19 January 2015

The bathrooms in your home need thorough and proper cleaning to keep them as sanitary as possible for you and your family. Your bathroom can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria without the proper care and attention, but luckily for you, cleaning your bathroom can be quick and easy once you know what you’re doing! If you want to know how to make your bathroom look as good as new then here are some tips to help get you off to the best start possible!

1)    Clear your bathroom.
Start by clearing your bathroom of everything except the fixed appliances and fittings. You’re going to want to reach all area of your bathroom, so make sure there’s nothing that can get in your way!

2)    Washing your bathroom accessories.
Take your towels, bath mats, shower curtains and other soft furnishings and put them in the washing machine. Make sure to use a low temperature if you have a plastic shower curtain!

3)    Cleaning your bath and shower.
Start by using a drain unblocking product on your plughole. Follow the instructions on the bottle, or use a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Once this is done, rinse away the solution. Now take an antibacterial cleaning spray and spray a clean sponge. Buff the inside of your shower or bath and rinse clear. Make sure to scrub your taps clean to prevent limescale from forming.

4)    Cleaning countertops and mirrors.
You can now clean the countertops, mirrors and glass shower door in your bathroom. Take a glass cleaning spray and spray onto a paper towel. Use this to buff at your mirrors and glass shower door using circular motions – this will prevent streaks and stains. Taking an antibacterial spray, spray a clean sponge liberally and wipe down your countertops. Pay special attention to your taps, as these can get very dirty. To reach into the crevices of your taps, try using an old toothbrush and buff gently.

5)    Cleaning your toilet.
Cleaning your toilet might be a job that you’re dreading, but it’s a necessary part of your cleaning routine. Pour a toilet-cleaning liquid or bleach into the bowl of your toilet and leave to sit. Wipe down the tank with an antibacterial spray, not forgetting to clean the handle of your toilet, the seat and underneath the seat too! The base of your toilet is also important – take time to wipe this clean as well. Take a toilet brush and scrub at the inside of  your toilet using the bleach-and-water mix that’s in there. Now simply flush the unclean water away to reveal a sparklingly clean toilet!

6)    Cleaning your floor.
Sweep and mop your floor, using a mixture of water and a teaspoon of bleach. For particularly unclean floors, try vacuuming the corners before mopping to get rid of dust and dirt.

7)    Hiring professional cleaners.
If you hate bathroom cleaning then why not hire a professional cleaning agency? You can easily find reliable cleaning services in your area by speaking to your local cleaning companies. Hiring cleaning contractors is a fantastic way to ensure that your bathroom is always clean and sanitary, and if you shop around you’re sure to be able to find an excellent deal. Don’t forget to read customer review online before hiring any company!

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