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How to Remove Carpet Stains in Richmond 18Apr 2014

In this brief handbook, we will give you a comprehensive guide to removing stains from carpeting in Richmond. Carpets are expensive, and are vital from an aesthetic and practical standpoint in almost every home – what’s more, if treated correctly (in every sense!), will give you many happy years of use. However, accidents can and do happen, despite our best efforts – so if you find yourself the subject of a mishap pertaining to your carpeting, and have a devilish stain you need removing urgently, then consult this guide and – hopefully – you’ll be able to eradicate the blemish!

However, before you start reading this guide to removing carpet stains in Richmond, TW9, you must know that if the carpet stain is serious – e.g. an ink stain – you absolutely must contact a professional carpet cleaner. These stains cannot be removed using homegrown carpet cleaning techniques, no matter how hard you try – and attempts to remove the stain can damage your carpet even more. The best carpet cleaning services providers are trained and have years of expertise in the practice. You might find that the best house cleaning service providers have specialist carpet teams which can help you – so do your research!

OK, let’s get onto carpet cleaning tips. Naturally, it’s sensible that you treat any stain as quickly as possible. Leaving it will allow it to seep into your carpet’s fibres. On the other hand, in certain circumstances this might not be possible. Perhaps your pet has knocked something over, or had an accident whilst you’re out and about – perhaps you’ll have a get together and uncover a stain once it’s over. However, if you come across a stain after the fact, don’t fret – all is not lost. It might make your cleaning job a bit harder, but not necessarily impossible.

Start by brushing away ‘solid matter’ from the spillage. This is only pertinent, of course, in cases of pet accidents and vomiting, but also food and some drinks. Once you’ve done this, dab the area using absorbent and firm kitchen roll on the affected area – you may need to do this many times over, so make sure you have a significant supply of kitchen towels adjacent to you. Put increasing pressure on the towels with each dabbing phase, and push down until the towelette has fully absorbed liquid.

Once you’re done dabbing, it’s time for phase two. Whilst it may look better – removed fully, even! – your job is far from over. Pour some warm water onto the area, and let it seep into the area – it will start to work on the deeply absorbed areas of the spill. Leave it for about 10 minutes to ensure full penetration. Once this period is over, repeat the dabbing process with a fresh set of towels. You should always go the ‘natural’ route before applying any cleaning solution onto the carpet – not only will this soften the area and leave it in a good state for applying the product, but this may be all that’s required to clean the area, depending on the stain in your home in the TW20 region.

If the stain isn’t fully removed, then it’s time for phase three! Mix some water with some quality washing up liquid – not just a generic, knockoff brand! However, don’t add too much washing up liquid, as this could damage your carpetin your home in Richmond even more, and leave its own stain. A few drops should be enough, but a maximum of five or six might be required for more serious stains. Repeat the above process, but introduce a scrubber to the mix to ensure you work the solution into the stain, and the stain out of your carpet!

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