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Student Cleaning - Get your Place in Clapham Looking Amazing 14Oct 2013

Students are often the victims of some severe stereotyping, and this is mostly due to the fact that almost everyone goes through Uni these days, and given that it comes at a time of premier release form the prison that many see school as, it can result in people getting a little lazier with themselves than they may have perhaps been otherwise. You will likely find that as a student, your main focus is not on how clean your place in Clapham, is as you will be extremely taken with new experiences and your studies.

The reality is however, that a clean place in Clapham, SW4 will often improve your mental clarity as well as health, as many diseases and allergens are contained in the dust that accumulates in the home. This dust is made up of 90 percent human skin as well, so there is reason enough for getting the place looking and feeling a bit fresher! You will also find that people want to spend more time at your place, as despite it not necessarily being a conscious thing, people are attracted to places that feel fresh and healthy, as their bodies fare better in such conditions. We are not suggesting that your place is a complete tip, or that you’re a dirty person for a minute, but if you want some hints and tips on making your place feel nicer to be in as a student, then here are a few hints and tips for making the process suitable for you.

First off, how many people do you live with? If you have a room in halls in the SW11 area then you do not have a massive job on your hands, but it can mean that you are less motivated to get the place looking better, as you entertain less. This is dangerous, so try and get in to the habit of cleaning at a set time each week. If you live with more than one other person, you will likely have to get others on side with your plans to make the place feel nicer. You will need to be careful as well, as it is often considered extremely boring to want to clean your student accommodation, but you need to watch out for a situation where you clean the place all the time to make yourself feel better about it, whilst the others reap the benefits and perhaps even feel less concerned about undoing your good work. You should attempt to implement a rota of some sort, so that everyone works fairly, and be sure to stick to it as well, as otherwise you may well find that things get slack and the system does not work as well.

As a student, you may find that you are a little cash strapped at times, so it is nice to find ways to keep your standard of living up with little expense. One way in which to do this is to cut the costs of your cleaning processes by using vinegar, lemon, baking powder and salt to clean with instead of expensive and harmful chemical based products. These natural ingredients are extremely useful and very cheap, so look up online as to how you can utilize them for your everyday home care, and you will likely be surprised as to how much of the house you can get looking great with these simple items!

We wish you all the best of luck with making your student house in Clapham feel like a home by keeping it fresh and beautiful at all times.

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