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Cleaning Hints and Tips for Homeowners in Putney - The Dining Room 29Nov 2013

Each and every room in our homes in Putney usually serves a specific purpose. The kitchen is the workhorse of the home, the study is where we work and explore hobbies; with the dining room it really is all in the name. Usually a cosy space with a table and chairs as its centrepiece, it is where the family eats on an evening and dad sits to read the Sunday papers. But the table itself can also provide the ideal place to dump things such as post and any other smaller items, while the minimal furnishings other than a table mean it looks cluttered and dirty when even the slightest thing is out of place. So here are our tips for keeping the dining room clean and tidy:

1.    Make sure everything has a home
You will usually find some form of dresser or cabinet in most dining rooms in Putney, SW15, and they serve a specific purpose – to store everything that might get used at meal times. Cutlery, plates, salt and pepper pots; you name it and you will usually find it stashed within a cabinet. This means that items such as place mats and serving plates do not have to stay on the dining table in between meal times, allowing your dining room to double up as a place of work or a meeting place. A cabinet will also distract the eye away from the table at the centre of the room.

2.    Store your best glasses and crockery in a display cabinet
A display cabinet will provide an easy-on-the eye and safe way to store your best crockery and glassware while also making a fuss of it while putting it on display.

3.    Clear up as soon as you finish eating
Once meal time is over, take everything straight to the kitchen – if you don’t the longer you leave it the less likely you are to do it. Make it a family activity, and always wipe the table free of debris before you leave.

4.    Have a meal-time table cloth
This could save you considerable hassle if you are forever polishing your table or putting stain remover on to your best table cloth. A machine-washable mealtime cloth can get dirty without you worrying about it, leaving you free to enjoy your meal with the rest of the family.

5.    Clean once a week as part of your schedule
Obviously rooms within your home in the SW18 region will not stay clean if they do not undergo the process of being cleaned. In the dining room there shouldn’t be too much to do, but there are a couple of spots where a bit of extra effort will really pay off. Wipe the table legs and chairs with a damp cloth and again flick any loose debris onto the floor (you will be vacuuming later!), before disinfecting (be careful here – some disinfectants will be hard on certain varnishes or woods which is why a table cloth is so important at meal times) and polishing the table top and all other surfaces. If you have a bright dining room then light bouncing off a well-polished table will provide a great deal of satisfaction.

6.    If you have a rug under your dining table, vacuum underneath it every couple of weeks
Rugs can add character to the rooms of your home in Putney, but if you eat in that room it also provides a handy hiding space for any dropped food stuffs that are now out there on their own. Move the table every so often and roll up the rug before vacuuming underneath.

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